One Bowl, Two Photographs, Unlimited Possibilities

While leaving a local potter’s studio (after photographing a workshop given by that potter), I looked around, with camera in hand, for some “non-commissioned” photography opportunities. I was inspired by a bowl next to a wall. After musing a bit about what the scene meant to me, I took two similar photographs. Now, at home, that brief interlude has expanded into some interesting musings about options and creativity.

The first image:

The second image:
There’s no pressing need to select one image over the other. The challenge (and the joy) can come from musing about the two images, and what they mean, and what they can express.

I printed each of them, and intentionally chose a monochrome treatment for one, and a colour treatment for the other.

I had expected that the monochrome image would be my favourite: it could evoke the mystery of the east, and create a “zen-like” mood.

Looking at the colour print, though, I was a bit surprised to find that I favour it over the monochrome treatment.

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