Law Office and Photography Services on Gabriola Island

What started this whole adventure?

I suppose you could go way back and say the adventure started when I got my first camera, or when I moved to Vancouver, or when kisses were discovered, or when the first hippie was born. More recently, though, the adventure started around the beginning of 2016, when I got the results of paying a slide-scanning service to digitize about 800 slides. Those slides haven’t (yet) been thrown out, and currently they look like this:


You might see that a couple of those bundles of slides (each containing thirty to forty slides) refer to “Vancouver 1971”. One of those bundles contains the three slides that became the single image for this little adventure.

Lacking anything better to do (or avoiding tasks that I should have been doing, and instead choosing to play with photography software), I reviewed some of those digital images around October of 2022, with particular attention to the pictures of the kissing couple in Gastown.