Bill the Photographer

Bill's photographic skills have grown steadily over the last fifty years, from casual family shots as a teenager, to his current enthusiasm as a "passionate amateur". Bill started with black and white imagery in early Pentax film cameras (including a Spotmatic), through a series of Nikon cameras and lenses, and more recently to his acquisition of a newer (and lighter!) Sony A7Rii system. Bill's formal photographic training has encompassed courses and workshops with Andre Gallant, Steve Simon, and a few others. Most of Bill's knowledge and expertise, though, have come from the experience of seeing and capturing images: taking tens of thousands of photographs, engaging in numerous informal discussions and meetings with other photographers, attending photo club meetings, and critically reviewing his own work and the work of other photographers.

Most of us have passions - children, grandchildren, other loved ones, pets, pastimes. Bill’s primary passion (after family and loved ones) is photography.

Being able to “see” is an essential characteristic of a good photographer; after that, the challenge is to create an image that accurately reflects the real meaning of what was “seen”. A lawyer’s job can be analogous to that: a primary skill for a good lawyer is an ability to listen to (or read) what a client has to say, and then express the client’s needs in a way that can help the client be more effective in dealings with others.

Thousands of Bill’s photographs can be seen on his
flickr page, and a selection of favourites can be found in the photography area of this web site.