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Another couple is connected

I haven’t yet found the “kissing couple”, but I have received an interesting message from someone else about connections from the past. Read Moreā€¦

Thanks to Julia Wright of CBC New Brunswick, here's a link to her interview with me

Here is the link (click on this link, and then look down the list for the November 23, 2022 episode):

Somebody told me that his name was Bill

This bit of news hasn’t been verified, but it’s the most reliable (actually, the only!) lead I’ve received so far. Melinda Jarratt of Fredericton, New Brunswick sent me a Messenger message this morning (November 23, 2022), saying her husband (Dan Weston) was in Vancouver in 1971, and recognizes the young man as someone named “Bill”.

Vancouver Is Awesome

I had a nice chat with Brendan Kergin from “Vancouver Is Awesome”. He made notes, and he plans to write a little story/article about the picture within a couple of days. It’s nice to see that the picture is still being shown, and that the story (or mystery) is still circulating.


I was pleased and amused, to be invited to speak with two different CBC New Brunswick offices. Both or those conversations took place this morning (November 21, 2022), almost back-to-back. They were enjoyable, and I think I was able to speak coherently, and as accurately as possible. I Have one other interview scheduled for later this week (with a reporter from “Vancouver Is Awesome”), and somewhere in my email in-box there is a request for a TV/video interview!