Bill Pope .......... Lawyer


1725 Lackehaven Drive
Gabriola Island, B.C.
V0R 1X6

Telephone: 250.247.9999
Facsimile: 250.247.8000

I am very fortunate to have a profession that allows me to work from home, and to serve my clients in a variety of ways. I intend to continue practising through the challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be some changes in my office. To some, the changes will not seem significant; to others, the changes might not seem necessary. However, I believe these changes are important steps that need to be taken for the benefit of my clients and our community. I also believe it is important to make people aware of what I have decided, and why I have made certain decisions.

  • face-to-face meetings in my office will be significantly reduced: whenever possible, I’ll communicate with you by email, telephone or video conferencing; I am well aware of the effectiveness of direct meetings, but such meetings in general will have to be sacrificed; I shall do my best to ensure clear and effective communications through other media, and I’ll welcome the use of technology such as video conferencing and Skype;
  • house calls will be eliminated, except in the most serious of cases, and only under very stringent conditions: if we must meet outside of my office, then we’ll have to be sure we arrange to do so in a way that will not risk the spread of any virus (so much for the “House calls? Of course!” comment in the regular introduction, below!);
  • meetings in my office will be undertaken in a different environment: as much as I prefer a personal approach to serving my clients, our meetings will have a more “down to business” atmosphere: no more hugs; no more handshakes; not as much chit-chat; direct meetings in my office will be limited to circumstances where they are necessary (e.g., witnessing of wills and powers of attorney); when we do meet in my office, steps will be taken to ensure that we maintain our “social distance”; steps will also be taken, to keep the office environment even more sanitary than usual, with appropriate disinfectants, and with a minimal (and sterile) exchange of papers, pens, etc. (yes, we all know we’re fine, but extra precautions won’t do any harm, and could do a great deal of good).

Bill Pope is a Gabriola Islander who has been serving Gabriola Islanders as clients for almost fifteen years. This office was established with a focus on clients, and on serving those clients effectively and economically. Since the office’s door opened in the summer of 2005, hundreds of Gabriola Islanders have chosen Bill as their lawyer, and the office has continued to flourish from referrals from satisfied clients.

Many principles govern this practice, but here are some that come to mind as being particularly important:

  • professionalism, without intimidation
  • experience, without arrogance
  • compassion, without emotional involvement
  • community engagement, without reliance on specific businesses or institutions
  • independence, without detachment from other professionals
  • economy, without cutting corners
  • accessibility, without conflicts
  • commitment to Gabriola Island, without other office locations
  • casual appearance, without casual results or careless work-products
  • results, without increased stress to clients

House calls? Of course!
I don’t have any off-island office in Nanaimo or Vancouver keeping me away from Gabriola Island. I do my best to be available when you need me, and I am open to making house calls to your home on Gabriola Island.
Let me know if you are unable to meet with me at my office, so we can arrange for a more convenient place (and time) to meet.

Feel free to explore this web site. Feel free, also, to get in touch with Bill for assistance in planning and settling the legal challenges that all of us face.