Personalized Memories of Your Wedding Day

Weddings vary a great deal in their mood, length, energy, atmosphere, and activities. Wedding photography services are therefore priced on an individual basis, after you and I get a sense of what you would like (and what I can do to achieve your goals). In general, you should expect a basic wedding photography “package” to cost at least $2500 plus GST. Perhaps it need not be said, but I’ll say it anyway: just as weddings can vary greatly, the “contents” of a “wedding package” can also vary greatly. Once you and I have a clear idea of what we expect from one other, the actual cost will be set (before either of us makes a commitment to proceed).
My expectation is that a “typical” wedding (assuming there were such a thing) would include:

  • your review of my wedding photography work;

  • our discussions of the kind of memories you would like to have in the photographs taken at your wedding;

  • our collaboration on what I can do to achieve your goals;

  • pre-wedding photography (including posed pictures of the couple);

  • candid, casual, narrative, environmental coverage of people at the wedding (and, of course, the key parts of the wedding ceremony

  • delivery to you of at least one hundred photo proofs in digital form.

Your wedding isn’t “typical”: it is your day, so we should be very clear on what each of us can expect. A detailed contract will be prepared before your wedding, which both you and I shall sign.