Bill Pope: Lawyer

NOTE: This fee schedule is provided as a general guide only: these fees are representative amounts for typical instances of the services described. Actual fees could vary, depending on the complexity of the work, the amount of time and expertise involved, and the urgency of expediting the services (as well as other factors).


Typical Fee


(“service” refers to legal service and advice, and goes beyond simple document preparation and “notarization”)

(all fees are subject to taxes and disbursements)


Miscellaneous Services
Simple certification (“notarizing”) of a single document, including preparation of a certified copy of such a document


This does NOT include services for completing the document, nor does it include any advice relating to it; instead, it is limited to the very basic confirmation of identity and certification of signing associated with certification or “notarizing”. Note, too, that the notarizing of “do-it-yourself” legal documents (e.g., land transfers, travel authorizations, powers of attorney and bills of sale prepared by clients on their own) will usually be rejected or subject to higher fees, because of an implied professional responsibility to ensure that such documents have been properly drafted.
Witnessing of a land title document prepared by another lawyer or notary


Other legal services not listed here

Generally billed at $240 per hour, plus taxes and other charges and disbursements

*: Taxes are G.S.T. and sales tax on all fees, and on most disbursements paid on your behalf
In each of the above cases, the stated fees represent the work for simple cases; although most matters do fit into the "simple" category, there are exceptions, so you should not assume that your work will always be classed as "simple": your fees could be higher than the fees noted above, and you should verify the total fees before proceeding with your work.