Find a print that's right for you

You can't expect everything to be half price, but you can expect to find a print that has a price that's good for you

The process is simple…

  • decide to buy a print

  • send an email message to me (at, to confirm what you want to buy

  • I'll let you know how you can pay (an e-transfer is most convenient, but other methods can work)

  • for a print selected from those in this section of the web site, I’ll print it on the paper-size you’ve selected, and then either (a) mail it to you at your expense, or (b) have it available for you to retrieve from my studio/gallery

  • in some instances (e.g., photographs in a limited series from a gallery showing), the print may be securely matted and framed, and then signed and numbered the back of the print (note that “framed” implies “with a glass cover”, in which case I won’t be responsible for delivery)

Of course, let me know if you have any other questions.