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Another couple is connected

Here’s the text from an email message I received, about someone who was motivated by my own search:

Hi Bill ---- I saw your article in PetaPixel a week or so ago, and it blew me away. I had a girlfriend in college in 1969 and 1970 in Rochester NY.
I had not seen or talked to her in 52 years, and I have been waxing nostalgic lately and decided I was going to find her and call her up.This was maybe the middle of October. Found her in maybe a week or so, and got some phone numbers, called her up and left a message, and she phoned me a few days later
‼️ Now we're just having fun filling in 50 years of our lives.

Of course it was pretty easy to find her, once I cracked the maiden/married name nut. You have a much bigger nut to crack!

Anyway I just thought it interesting that we both got the inclination to find people from 50 years ago, at the same time.

I think your best bet is to spend as much time as it takes in New Brunswick (or a surrogate). And of course social media.

I have 100% confidence you will find them or at least find out about them.

Let me me know if I can help in any wayI I am retired and love solving a mystery! Good luck! ---- Woody Snyder